Pure concrete with reinforcement

Should contain

  • Uncontaminated concrete, with reinforcement both crushed and larger units.

Should not contain

  • Flooring
  • Earth
  • Heating cables
  • Wood
  • Contaminated concrete


Hardened concrete from demolition.


Concrete is amassed in containers or tipping vehicles with trailers. Please take care that collection units are not loaded heavier than allowed.  Contact the transport department at ØG for guidance. Waste is to be characterized by basis before delivery. A form is to accompany the waste to the waste reception facility. Contamination is to be documented by analyzes.


Concrete is to be broken down.


Used for reinforcement in parking facilities, walkways, courtyards, waste disposal facilities, etc.


A sorting fee may be charged if the item is not sorted into a homogeneous fraction.
If sorting is not possible, the entire delivery can be reclassified.

Referral regulations

 Waste Regulations

Special risk factors

Concrete is not dangerous but avoid inhalation of dust and direct skin contact. For large units, there may be a risk of crushing injuries.

You can download factsheets in pdf format here!