Flouresecent tubes – NS:7086

Should contain

  • Fluorescent lamps, only linear tubes.

Should not contain

  • Fluorescent lamps and energy-saving light bulbs that are not linear tubes
  • Is not to be in packaging.
  • E-waste, incandescent lamps, hazardous waste and other waste


Used and new linear tubes containing mercury.


Separate collection units, such as cardboard sleeves or crates. Cardboard must be removed before delivery.


Delivered to an approved waste reception facility for processing and/or destruction.


Hazardous waste is to be taken out of circulation and not to be recycled.


A sorting fee may be charged if the item is not sorted into a homogeneous fraction. If the waste is shattered, the waste reception facility may refuse to accept it.

Referral regulations

Waste Regulation

Special risk factors

Fluorescent tubes contain mercury that leak if broken. Both mercury vapor and powder are harmful..

You can download factsheets in pdf format here!