Milk and Juice Cartons
Milk and Juice Cartons – NS:1241

Should contain

  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Newspapers
  • Office paper, envelopes and copy paper.

Should not contain

  • Wrapping paper
  • Cardboard boxes, corrugated board or brown cardboard.
  • Plastic
  • Other types of waste


Cartons that contained milk, juice and similar liquids in addition to newspapers, flyers and office paper.


Emptied/collected together with paper from receptacles of 140 l, 240 l, 360 l or 660 l receptacles. At larger volumes, emptied/collected in containers, or for example, Molok. Shipped via reloading to waste processing facilities.


The quality is checked visually and is then pressed for sale to paper mills in Norway and abroad.


Recycled and becomes a new milk or juice carton and paper.


A sorting fee may be charged if the item is not sorted into a homogeneous fraction. If sorting is not possible, the entire delivery can be reclassified as residual waste.

Referral regulations

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