Plastic packaging – NS:1729

Should contain

  • Mixed plastic packaging such as: bottles, jugs, beaker, bags, packaging and foil.

Should not contain

  • Dirty or contaminated plastic
  • Rubber products
  • Ropes and cords
  • EPS
  • Metals
  • Hazardous waste


Plastic packaging that is clean and uncontaminated can be recycled.


Collected in a baled fraction, in clear or purple bags, receptacles, containers and compactors.


Controlled visually by driver and upon arrival at waste reception facility. Here, the plastic is compacted before being sent for recycling.


The plastic is sent for recycling.


A sorting fee may be charged if the item is not sorted into a homogeneous fraction. For example, non-packaging plastic (plastic toys, furniture).

Referral regulations

Waste Regulation

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