Windows containing
Windows containing PCB – NS:7211

Should contain

  • Double glazing units manufactured in Norway between 1965 and 1975.
  • Imported double glazing units produced until 1980.
  • Double glazing units without tamp/imprint of year produced.

Should not contain

  • Double glazing units newer than described above.
  • Other types of waste


Sealing glue containing PCB’s may have been used in double glazing units produced in the time period specified above. This is classified as hazardous waste and must be amassed separately. The production year is imprinted in the space between the panes. Units that can not be identified are to be delivered as a double glazing units containing PCB’s.


Standing on an L-stand or well-guyed on a EUR-pallet. The panes must not be taken out of the wooden window frame.


Double glazing units containing PCB’s are processed in approved treatment facilities with special authorization. The panes are visually checked before the glass is cut out. All waste containing PCB’s is sent for destruction.


The units are cut up and the material sent to recycling. The wooden frames with spacer rails and sealant containing PCB’s are recycled for energy/destroyed at an approved waste-to-energy plants.


Broken double glazing units are processed as an individual fraction. The driver will not take hazardous waste if the declaration is not completed.

Referral regulations

Waste Regulation

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