Brominated flame retard – NS:7155

Should contain

  • Waste containing brominated flame retardants above the limit values for hazardous waste, eg.  carpets, insulation materials (cell rubber, PE foam mats, tunnel mats/ tassels and EPS insulation plates). Hazardous components removed from discarded equipment (E-waste).

Should not contain

  • Other waste materials.


Waste containing brominated flame retardants, unusually from rehabilitation and demolition.


Amassed separately as a separate faction.


Delivered to an approved waste reception facility for processing and/or destruction..


Hazardous waste is to be taken out of circulation and not to be recycled


Deviations may incur additional costs. The driver will not take hazardous waste if the declaration is not completed.

Referral regulations

Waste Regulations Norwegian Environment Agency

Special risk factors

Brominated flame retardants are hazardous waste and should be processed in accordance with laws and regulations.

You can download factsheets in pdf format here!