car batteries
Car batteries – NS:7092

Should contain

  • Lead accumulator car batteries and similar items.
  • UPS-systems

Should not contain

  • Other types of batteries
  • Batteries from electric cars
  • Other types of waste


Batteries from cars and similar items.


Amassed on a pallet.  Batteries can be left on a euro pallet place plastic in the bottom that can capture runoff from damaged batteries/battery acid.


The batteries are transported to approved treatment reception centres.  Sorted by type and forwarded for processing.


Metals in the batteries are recycled in specialized facilities.


A sorting fees may be charged if the item is not sorted in pure fraction.

Referral regulations

 Waste Regulations

Special risk factors

Brominated flame retardants are hazardous waste and should be processed in accordance with laws and regulations.

You can download factsheets in pdf format here!