Iron and Metals Waste – NS: 1452

Should contain

  • Different types of metal.
  • Can be elements of, for example, plastic and wood.

Should not contain

  • Other types of waste
  • Not decontaminated metal waste:

– Scrap iron with hazardous waste.

– Car wrecks containing fuel or oils.

– Tanks that have not been cleaned.

– Closed gas cylinders should be handled as they are under pressure.

– Compressor/lawnmowers containing oils and fuel.


Heterogeneous metallic waste is composed of different types of metal..


Open hook or lift container.


The metal is sorted into the different types when ground down.


Smelted down into new products. The material is recycled.


A sorting fees can be charged if the item is not sorted into homogeneous fraction. If it is not possible to sort, the entire delivery can be reclassified.

Referral regulations

Waste Regulation

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